The Wedding Gift Rules That No One Talks About

Every time you get a wedding invite, the question of gifting is the first thing that will come to your mind. The wedding gift talk can be quite uncomfortable. It is even worse when you are the one that makes a wedding. Is it rude to ask for a cash gift in the wedding invitation ? Or, how much should you spend on a gift as a guest ? Whether you are the bride or the guest, these wedding gift rules will give you a hint on what should you do.

Money gift

There is nothing wrong with gifting cash. This is the best solution when you are in doubt on what to buy. Since money is not a personalized present, be sure to include a handwritten message.

If you are the bride, then talking about gifts with your guests is so uncomfortable. You don’t want to offend anyone. But nowadays, we know that couples already live together before marriage and it is very likely that they already have everything. If you are the bride and you already have all of the appliance needed, then it is okay to suggest a money gift.

 How do you do this in the right way? You can simply write “no boxed gifts” on the forest wedding invites by Basic Invite. Have this in mind when you are deciding about the invite design and info included. Since these can be customized to the littlest detail, you will be able to deliver your message. This will give your guests a hint that they need to bring money.